I’m Jacquelyn Tolksdorf.

I’m an expert in graphic design, marketing, and web development. But I’ll cut the elevator pitch off here! 8 Create isn’t selling you anything! I’ve created 8 Create for Non-Profits to help 8 great facets in the non-profit world increase their awareness AT NO COST TO THEM.

Are you trying to build a successful non-profit to build awareness? Are you planning an event for your community? Trying to crowdfund to help out with someone’s medical bills? 8 Create for Non-Profits gets it. Your scrambling in every direction to market your cause. Good design might not be in your mind as your create things like flyers, social media graphics, your website, etc. That’s where I come in! Each month I donate 1 hour of my time to the following: Abuse Prevnetion, Animal Shelters, Austim Awareness, Community Events, Crowdfunding, Depression Awareness, Women’s Rights, & World Issues.


Time to Create.

Social Media Graphics
Flyers / Poster Design Website Edits
Email Marketing
Business Card Design
Social Media Hashtag Help
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Strategies & More!