Case Study: Skylight Autism Center

1. The Overview

Skylight Autism Center focuses on Applied Behavior Analysis in the Weston, Wisconsin autistic community. Upon the center launch, a logo and website were needed.

2. The Context and Challenge

With this industry-specific challenge, every design element needs to rely heavily on color psychology and subconscious items hiding in designs. Color is important and in my target market research for the autistic community, I was kind of surprised that many popular brands in autism aren’t creating elements for the kids or parents to calm, comfort and educate with their vibe. They use bright, energizing colors.

1. Project background and description — This project had a deadline for everything (logo, website, social media) to be ready before the open house of the facility. I was able to keep this project within budget and on time so that the center had a pretty good presence in the town way before the official launch.

2. The problem — Parents of kids and adults on the autistic spectrum need as much info up front and need to feel relieved when considering Applied Behavior Analysis to tackle some hurdles that come with autism. Not having an in-depth website and established brand was not an option to reach parents.

3. Project goals and objectives — What was the goal of Skylight Autism Center? To drive awareness of Applied Behavior Analysis and that this is an option to people in the Central Wisconsin community for their children.

3. The Process and Insight

My process with a new startup is always to address the branding. You need a logo, but you also need to know where that logo is going, what you stand for and what you want to say with that logo. The logo design process with me takes usually 3-10 days as we go back/forth with unlimited concepts before “the one” emerges.

Next, (after final logo approval) I address the website. This process is much more detailed and for the start combines the parent’s needs, autistic child’s needs, facility needs, and founder preferences. This can be anything from wording choices to features for scheduling. This could also be small thoughts from layout (no sharp edges) for children viewing the site to parent’s (hierarchy of info).

4. The Solution

5. The Results

Skylight Autism Center gets an average of 650 views a month. 86% of that is from people googling keywords like “autism centers”, “autism Wisconsin”, and many more.

Of the average 950 Activity, an average of people who visit the website:

  • Call the Center within 3 minutes after viewing the website – 77%
  • Go Back to the Google Listing to Get Directions – 23%
  • View more than 80% of the photos on the website – 89%
  • Visit 4+ Pages on the Website – 92%
  • See Homepage Only – 1%
  • Visit All Pages – 7%

Case Study: Allouez Township

1. The Overview

Allouez Township is in Keweenaw County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With many out-dated websites for townships in the area and an increase in people visiting these sites who are deciding where to move to, the township board hired 8 Create to revamp both their brand (logo) and then create a modern website which was completed in the summer of 2018.

2. The Context and Challenge

First off, Google why don’t you love the Keweenaw? Why are there so many places on Google Maps that are incorrectly listed in the Keweenaw!? That was the first hurdle as the town hall on Google Maps directed you to well a field in Allouez, not in Mohawk where the town hall is…

After I got that sorted with their Google listing is was onto their brand. A fresh new overhaul to update everything about the Township Hall and township vibe started here. With their new logo.

1. Project background and description — A logo, website, and Google listing was the first steps towards revamping the image of the township.

2. The problem — Google. Why do you have the Keweenaw!

3. Project goals and objectives — Google Listing, Logo, Website and BEYOND!

3. The Solution

After I got that sorted with their Google listing is was onto their brand. A fresh new overhaul to update everything about the Township Hall and township vibe started here.

The final product:

Keeping the history within the brand was important to the township board. The old Allouez Mine was incorporated into a modern brand symbol.

Next up! Their website. With many of the websites in the area looking a little out of touch a modern website was needed with cool new features like local weather that updates each hour and easy-to-use way to get any info you need about the area in many locations on the site. Meeting Minutes are uploaded each time by a member of the board so a Content Management System like WordPress was the best choice!

5. The Results

With great feedback from the community, the new image of Allouez Township was a hit!


Case Study: Fringe Hair Studio

1. The Overview

Fringe Hair Studio is a salon in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Like most salons, an online presence is essential to bring in new clients and keep returning clients happy.

2. The Context and Challenge

The gals at the studio wanted to focus on something more unique than a cookie-cutter website being pumped out my Central Wisconsin website builders. They also wanted to focus on telling their clients more about their stylists.

3. The Process and Insight

My process with any existing business is to determine what their client’s needs are and incorporate them into the website in line with the owner’s budget.

4. The Solution

5. The Results

Fringe Hair Studio (like most salons) needs to stay ahead of SEO. For the past 2 years, I’ve kept their salon in the top Google search results to get found by new clients googling “Salons in Marshfield” with the help of their website design, content and Search Engine Optimization.