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Let’s Root For Each Other And Watch Each Other Grow

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Where would you be without a member of your team? Always be thinking about this throughout your business day. 8 Create is a one-woman show, but the people I’m thankful for is the startup clients who consistently come back to 8 Create for their graphic, web design, and marketing needs. I love to watch the seed be planted when your branding and logo design is done to seeing a marketing campaign go viral and bring you your first $10,000 or a newly designed and developed website boom with traffic overnight. With each growth of your startup, you help your freelance graphic designer grow too.

A big reason that small businesses, especially in rural Wisconsin (where 8 Create is) get so damn competitive and catty is because they lose sight of the “growing together” mentality that American small business is built on.

For example, say you’re a decor retail shop that has been open for over 15 years: your customer traffic is slowly dwindling because your product hasn’t changed with the times and your new target audience. Now a new business across the street opens up. They are also a gift and decor retail shop. People are piling in daily to their store. As you watch each person go in and out, you get little more bitter about that store. You want that store owner to become your enemy. You want them to fail. But why…

Making enemies is a natural part of life. “Friends/Enemies in Commerce” is always a factor no matter how big or small your business is. Often as business owners, we get too caught up in what someone else is doing to see the big picture.

I see it all too often with my new clients starting out. If that old gift shop is struggling and the new guy in town is doing better, you know what would be more useful than hating, competing, or even going as far to bad mouth the other owners flaws…? Joining forces. Step outside of your ego and comfort zone. Go over there. Talk about what they are doing that you are not to get more customers in the door. What can you do with that business owner to build a business relationship — share the wealth — and grow together.

If you’ve been in business a while – you have knowledge of experience. Share it with your new business owner in town. Encourage them to stick it out during those tough months in that first year. Allow them to teach you new ways in retail technology and products. Host events with the both of you to get both of your customer base going to both shops.

What can your business share with other startup owners to help them grow? Keep in mind if you root for them to fail, chances are in your small-medium town community economy, you will fail too.

What can I share with you…

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