Aside from graphics I can also help (hourly rate) with optimizing your posts. Suggesting a combo of successful and helpful hashtags to use with your Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms that rely on hashtags to get your graphics seen.

Create Social Media Pages

Stay tuned for a new package coming soon to get you started with social media!

Killer Graphics

Make a statement with what you have to say on social media! Nicely created graphics help to really elevate your web presence.

Location Targeting

While I do not necessarily suggest using Facebook Ads for most businesses, there are a lot of platforms like Instagram, SnapChat and more that really benefit from targeting your customers in your area.

Purchase Social Media Graphics

Branded social media images help increase website traffic, increase visibility, and increase that "wow" factor necessary to grow a business.

How it Works

Choose and Pay for either the package or one graphic at a time
If you choose the package, you will get a short questionnaire
I will request your branding guidelines (logo files, website link, brand colors)
If you choose the package, You will receive your images on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on your preference)


Streamline Your Social Media

Need help planning a campaign or have questions about how this whole social media circus works? I consult as well as offer bulk marketing plans for businesses tailored to their area, target market, budget, and media sources. Don’t even have social media? I can also create social media pages for you and get you on the path to online marketing.

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