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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and then! Especially when that sweet treat has a pretty sweet packaging design to sell itself. Whether you are selling your cookies at local farmers markets or have your own shop selling your confections – modern packaging design is a must!

Sweet Menorah Gingerbread Kit
 box design by 8 Create

The average target audience for baked goods still remains: women ages 30-60. This is something that hasn’t changed in decades. What has changed is how the majority of the demographic choose products. Your grandmother choose products in the 1960’s based on advertising promises of quality. Today, marketers of big box stores likeTargetWalgreens, and even Walmart are finding that their shoppers are spending less time in stores, but spending more…

These customers aren’t spending too much time researching products on average as it turns out too. So how are they buying more with no product knowledge?

Modern, minimalistic packaging is why. From millennials to baby boomers; more people are being sold on a products worth by it’s creative, up-to-date brand and packaging.

That’s why we are seeing a boom of re-branding from companies all over – they have to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses being companies like McDonalds introducing soda cups, bags, and burger boxes with modern, typography focused, minimalistic packaging which some love and some hate like blogger, Boxer of“I’m Hatin’ It!”. Rebrands that came from other popular products like Velcro® andTropicana focus more on changing the buyer’s view on that products due to the overall product being outdated like Velcro or recent misleading nutritional facts being revealed in the case of Tropicana. A re-brand means a new and improved product right?

And baked goods like cupcakes, cookies, and other treats are no exception since they cater to that same target audience.

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