Case Study: Fringe Hair Studio

1. The Overview

Fringe Hair Studio is a salon in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Like most salons, an online presence is essential to bring in new clients and keep returning clients happy.

2. The Context and Challenge

The gals at the studio wanted to focus on something more unique than a cookie-cutter website being pumped out my Central Wisconsin website builders. They also wanted to focus on telling their clients more about their stylists.

3. The Process and Insight

My process with any existing business is to determine what their client’s needs are and incorporate them into the website in line with the owner’s budget.

4. The Solution

5. The Results

Fringe Hair Studio (like most salons) needs to stay ahead of SEO. For the past 2 years, I’ve kept their salon in the top Google search results to get found by new clients googling “Salons in Marshfield” with the help of their website design, content and Search Engine Optimization.