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What Makes a Good TV Show Logo?

What makes a logo good?

Well…Your business logo has to hit some key boxes on your branding check list

  • Does your target market react to it? Does your logo use color psychology to invoke an action from your customer? (Ex. Blue makes people buy!) For a great read on what your current logo’s colors are telling people, check out REALSIMPLE’s article!
  • Does your mark (icon or overall logo) represent your business?
  • Does your mark (icon or overall logo) hold up to modern branding standards (fonts, trends, etc)?
  • Does your mark work well small on business cards, packaging, etc?
  • Is your logo simple and to the point?
    • Logos with too much going on, are eye-sores, believe it or not.

What about TV show logos?

TV show logos don’t have as strict rules. The biggest rule for show branding is it needs to be simple. They need to be to the point and clever as you really only pay attention to them on the opening credits of a show. If the logo is done poorly, it could be an additional factor to why viewers tune out. You audience will associate the show with that logo, so bad ones tend to put a negative emotional feeling towards the show.


The Good, The Bad, and the “What the F!@%”!

Some shows are killing it in the logo department. It only takes a few seconds to look at these logos to appreciate their clever-ness:


Others relied on trendy fonts (that may be out of style in a few years) for their logo, but still hit the mark:



While there are some which I have to wonder if the producers of the show hired a $5 logo designer:

Big Bang Theory: This logo seems very odd to a designer. Poor font choices and a clip art icon in the background. There are rumors this show will be ending soon, but I’m still surprised they have not re-branded in 11 seasons. The spinning particle icon in the background is even animated before each new act in the show. But what about something more like this:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: It’s fine. I’m fine. My designer OCD isn’t triggered at all….Just breath. Just breath….ARGH!!!
It probably doesn’t look too bad to most people. A lovely peach, right. Cover up the peach with your right hand. The text placement is strange and if we’re going there, that peach isn’t a style you use in logos.

For some reason I was very tempted to make a mark for this tv show that looked like a butt (two peaches). Mainly because I’m not a fan of these types of “reality” shows, but here is what I came up with instead (“r” slightly a skew since it’s not “real”:

The Graham Norton Show: This logo’s typography isn’t bad. It’s just the complex star graphic that makes this logo a little “too much”. I’m a big fan of this show, but do cringe every time I see the logo and on his show, you see the logo everywhere. What about something more personal like Graham’s signature used:

*Now, I didn’t spend A LOT of time on these re-brand designs. I have better things to do, but just wanted to whip up some quick alternatives to bad logos in television to show you for example.

Bad design will be everywhere. Always. And it’s no surprise that the creators of these tv shows don’t recognize that their first introduction to their show (their brand), might be lacking. Just like how business owners might not realize that either. Word of advice. Leave branding to professional who are aware of things like color psychology, design trends vs fads, and what reaches target markets.

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